Choosing a Suitable Floral Arrangement

By Charles Kassotis

Do you like fresh flowers? Nearly everyone does, except, perhaps, those who are allergic to plants. Dew-kissed roses, smiling sunflowers, and vibrant tulips are just some of the lovely blossoms that can adorn your home or office space or bring joy to those you care about. But do you know how to choose a florist and then select the proper arrangement for a given occasion?

First, look for a florist you can trust. There are fly-by-night shysters who will not hesitate to take advantage of unsuspecting customers by pretending to offer a beautiful bouquet, requesting credit card payment online or over the phone, and absconding with the money but not delivering the order. It is always a good idea to do business with a florist who is well known and respected in your community. Stop by the shop and check out the latest designs and arrangements to see if they appeal to your sensibilities. You will soon know whether you want to do business there or not. “Fresh, trusted, and delivered today” (FTD) is the motto of the organization that many florists belong to and offers some measure of security.

When you do find a florist whose artistry you admire, look through the catalogs or displays for an idea of the range and styles that are available. Find out if the florist is willing to work with you on special orders and arrangements. You may want to open an account so you can telephone orders later or send online orders on short notice. Developing a business partnership with your florist can facilitate transactions to create a proactive situation for everyone involved. Some florists will let you carry a balance from one month to the next as long as it doesn’t get too large or you don’t stop making payments.

Floral arrangements are useful for a number of situations. You can send a congratulatory gift to a coworker or friend for a promotion, retirement, or anniversary. Personal holidays and events like birthdays and moving to a new home are good reasons to send flowers. A fresh bouquet adds a pleasant touch to your boss’s desk, your pastor’s study, or your secretary’s office for calendar days celebrating these individuals and their jobs. Sometimes a planter or an attractive arrangement can express special sentiments like “I love you” or “I’m sorry” more effectively than words can.

Remember to give some thought to the vase or container you choose, along with the flowers. The vase should fit a designated space in the area it is intended to fill. Oversize or glass vases may present an occupational hazard for workplace deliveries. It’s also a good idea to make sure your intended recipient is not allergic to flowers before you send a large bouquet.

Flowers bring a touch of nature to our most civilized spaces. Their beauty and purity remind us of the natural simplicity that exists all around if we take time to notice and admire it. Visit your local florist soon to explore the many gift-giving options that exist in the world of fresh and silk flowers.

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